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Stella's Story

A lifelong passion for colour, rich textures and beautiful fabrics shines through every living space I create - every design detail.

Memories of my french grandmother’s exquisite taste and a European upbringing inspired my fascination with Interior Design and my design ideas are inspired by a simple philosophy: your house should be your home - a joy to live in.

/cms/resources/stella-signature-w372h372-1.png Stella Mannering, Director Clarence Park Curtain Lounge Interior

Molly's Story

I love nothing more than finding the perfect balance between rich, opulent patterns and organic, earthy, natural textures to create a space with heart and personality.

/cms/resources/molly2.png Molly Coath, Senior Interior Designer Digital Concept Board Kitchen Design

Catt's Story

My background is in textile design working for a well-known retail fashion house in London. After 3 years of commercial experience, I made the decision to transition into interior design where my true passion lies, studying a residential interior design course with KLC.

My experience in surface design and colour has a strong influence on my personal style. I love using an eclectic richness of colour and texture while adding unique furniture and contemporary art to my design schemes.

/cms/resources/untitled-design-12ccexpress.png Catt Lawrence, Research & Design Developer 3D Digital Room Design Concept Board

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